SDC Receives Excellence in Intelligent Robotics Award

Posted on: May 12th, 2020

Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) was recognized for Excellence in Intelligent Robotics Award for 2019, at the FANUC Automated System Integrator (ASI) Conference.

During 2019, SDC’s engineering team programmed and integrated 25+ robotic arms into custom, automated systems. Our team has mastered:

                • 6-Axis & 4-axis Robotic Programming
                • SCARA Robotic Programming
                • Vision Guided Robotic Applications
                • Microscopic, Precision Applications using Robotic Arms
                • High-Speed and High-Accuracy Pick-and-Place Applications
                • Heavy-duty, High-payload Applications
                • Robotic Welding Systems
                • Robotic Parts Feeding
                • Robotic Routing and Precision Deburring
                • Robotic Assembly
                • Robotic Packaging and Material Handling
                • Collaborative Robotic Applications

At SDC, we’re continually researching, developing, designing and programming automated machines to be faster, smarter and better than previously possible. Our team uses simulation software and leverages past experiences and knowledge to format and program our automated system in a robust, technically sound and creative way.

Our dedicated engineering team has been able to help maximize productivity for a wide range of applications and across nearly every industry.


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