What It Takes to Create a Custom Medical Tube Handling and Assembly Machine

Posted on: March 17th, 2020 by SDC

By Eric Anderson   It can be challenging to design and build an automated machine to assemble medical devices that use extruded medical tubing. Extruded tubing can have a mind of its own and the degree of randomness that can be difficult to handle in an automated machine. However, by taking a creative and problem-solving […]

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Vision-Guided Robotics in Automated Machines

Posted on: February 14th, 2020 by SDC

By Steve Belliveau Automation technology has dramatically advanced over the past few decades. According to the Robotic Industries Association, “Robots have become faster, more accurate and more capable of automating a wider range of tasks. Vision technology has become cheaper, faster and more intelligent over the years too.” When combined, it should come as no […]

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