project scope Automated Bottle Loading & Packaging Machine

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost effective, fully-automated, and configurable pressware packaging system. The pressware was packaged into trays and the trays were stacked to build a completed pallet.

sdc's solution

SDC chose a dual robot solution that interfaced with SDC designed staging equipment and the customer’s lehr.

A dual position indexing dial was utilized to stage the packaging material. Half of the indexing dial was accessible to the operator for staging an empty pallet and empty trays in change tool magazines. A pallet of packaged pressware was assembled on the half of the dial accessible to the automated system.

The pressware exited the lehr in a random orientation. A high-speed vision guided SCARA robot was utilized to individually pick pressware and stage them on a servo indexing conveyor. The pitch of the conveyor index and the lateral placement of the pressware on the conveyor were utilized in conjunction to match the cavity matrix of the packaging trays.

A six-axis robot was utilized to unload an empty tray from the magazine on the indexing dial and place it in the correct location on the pallet of package pressware. The robot then unloaded a matrix of pressware from the indexing conveyor and loaded it into the empty tray on the pallet. The cycle was repeated until the pallet of package pressware was completed. The robot also installed tie sheets periodically for stability. Upon pallet completion, the pallet was indexed out and the pre-staged packaging material was indexed into the automated system.

Tooling and equipment parameters were developed for different pressware products and packaging configurations. SDC was successful in implementing automated inspection checks of the pressware.

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