project scope Fully-Automated SDChassis Spindle Assembly Machine

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost effective, fully-automated spindle assembly machine that would increase production capacity, increase quality and significantly decrease the amount of labor required for manufacturing. The spindle consisted of 14 separate components that were manually assembled using presses, adhesives, grease dispensers and a variety of hand tools.

SDC's solution

SDC chose a three-machine layout using three separate SDChassis machine platforms connected with automated conveying to create one fully-automated assembly cell. The SDChassis provided a high-speed pre-engineered machine platform to perform the assembly operations and parts handling. The individual components were introduced to the assembly platform using a combination of vibratory bowl feeders and magazine based feeders.

Processes and equipment were developed to execute each of the assembly steps including: presses, adhesive dispensing, curing, grease dispensing and many measurements for dimensions and torque. The machine was equipped with SDC’s standard robotic tray packing system to pack the completed spindles in stacks of trays.

The result was a fully-automated assembly of the spindle with no direct labor. The system significantly lowered the manufacturing costs of the spindles and improved spindle quality. SDC was successful in implementing automated inspection checks after each assembly operation and incorporated part tracking and automated sorting software. Using SDC’s propriety and proven SDChassis machine platform, minimized the overall engineering, design and start-up development which aided in providing a cost-effective solution.


completed assemblies per hour


separate components per completed assembly


machine operators


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