PROJECT SCOPE Resin Distribution System with Multi-Layer Stacking

A manufacturer requested this project to improve an outdated system creating stacks of fabric, varying in thickness, which are impregnated with a resin. The new machine was expected to reduce the operator involvement in the process, improve quality, reduce waste, increase production capacity and improve the machine safety.

sdc's solution

The solution created by SDC automates the process of creating fabric and resin material stacks. With the SDC system the operator’s involvement is limited to loading the raw materials of fabric and resin. The system then creates a layered stack which is presented to the operator for further processing. Additionally, from the machine HMI the operator has control over numerous sheet settings allowing simple stack customization without any changeover in the SDC system.

A welded and machined steel base was designed and fabricated by SDC which the machine was built on. Multiple processes were developed which grip, pull, cut, stack, and push the sheet. Each assembly is mounted to the base and driven by a combination of belt’s, gearboxes, jack screws and servos, which allow precise control over positioning and motion profiles. Finally, a servo driven pump was used to allow accurate and customizable control over the pattern of resin dispensed. This system is enclosed in a guarding system allowing access while protecting the operator.

The resulting automated solution improves on the previous manual stacking process reducing the operator involvement and increasing safety, control, throughput and quality.


machine rate of up to 30 stacks per hour

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