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SDC has extensive experience designing and building high-volume, high-speed automated assembly machines and processing machines. You can trust our team of experts to revolutionize your manufacturing processes with the best available equipment, software, and technology for your specific application. Our custom assembly and processing automation solutions are efficient, robust and reliable — proven to increase your manufacturing speed, productivity and overall profitability.

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Medical Port Device Assembly Machine

SDC proposed this system as a method to produce, inspect, and package a medical device that was new to the market. Our customer wanted...

Automated Material Processing and Resistance Welding Machine

SDC designed and built a machine that successfully processed the material in single strips of titanium and then used a series of resistance welders...

PNG. image of SDC machine

Automatic Medical Device Assembly Machine

SDC used collaborative robotic technology to measure and cut flexible tubing, feed and pick end adapters, and use quick-drying glue to precisely connect the...

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