Assembly & Processing


At SDC, we are experts in designing and building high-volume, high-speed assembly and processing machines. Our experienced automation team has the knowledge and experience to revolutionize your manufacturing processes with the best available equipment, software, and technology for your specific application. Our custom assembly and processing solutions are efficient, robust, and reliable — proven to increase your manufacturing speed, productivity, and overall profitability.

Proprietary Technology SDChassis


Over the years SDC developed proprietary, pre-engineered rotary indexing dial machine platform, the SDChassis; created, designed and perfected for high-speed, small-part assembly applications. It is constructed of a heavy structural frame and robust precision components for smooth, CAM derived high-speed motions


success achieved through innovation recent projects & case studies

SDChassis Product Assembly Machine

Automatic Food-Grade Lid Assembly Machine

This fully automated machine was custom designed and built by SDC to create food grade container lids.

Automated Bolt-Washer & Palletizing Machine

This automated bolt-washer assembly and palletizing machine was custom designed and built by SDC and features our proprietary SDChassis, a conveyor, and SCARA robot.

SDC Two-sided semi-automated small part assembly machine

Semi-Automated Automotive Crimping Machine

SDC put their years of experience to good use when designing and building a semi-automated assembly machine to crimp automotive body clips to side...

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