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The need for smarter, safer and highly technical machines continues to evolve. SDC tackles this growing industry concern by designing and building fully automated, custom packing and material handling machines that meet and exceed safety regulations and production requirements.

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Proprietary Technology SDC FlexFeeding

Through years of experience with designing and building material handling machine, SDC developed a proprietary FlexFeeding system. Our FlexFeeding system takes bulk fed components and uses a combination of vision guided robotics and conveyor systems to quickly and accurately execute machine pick and place functions.





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Packaging and Material Handling recent projects & case studies

SDChassis Product Assembly Machine

Automatic Food-Grade Lid Assembly Machine

This fully automated machine was custom designed and built by SDC to create food grade container lids.

Drain Hose Assembly & Processing

Drain Hose Assembly & Test Machine

SDC designed and built a fully automated high-speed machine that assembles dishwasher drain hoses and performs leak tests.

Automated Polishing & Grinding Machine

Polishing & Grinding Machine

SDC’s expert design and engineering team built a fully automated, high-speed processing machine to polish and grind ceramic parts used in lighting products.

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