work along side the machine SEMI-AUTOMATED MACHINES & SYSTEMS

Semi-Automated Machines and Systems are ideal for applications that require an improvement in manufacturing processes but are not able to completely remove operator assistance. At SDC we conduct an overall project assessment to determine which operations in a semi-automatic application will be performed by the machine or by a machine operator. We analyze the precision and power requirements to ensure our systems are engineered to fully utilize operators and minimize the complexity and overall cost.

We conduct risk assessments to ensure our semi-automated systems are composed of an ergonomic machine layout and custom machine safety control mechanisms, that allow operators to work along side the machine in the most comfortable and safe way. Our safety systems include using light curtains, physical guarding, collaborative robots and smart technology.

The SDC Difference Recent Projects & Case Studies

SDChassis Product Assembly Machine

Automatic Food-Grade Lid Assembly Machine

This fully automated machine was custom designed and built by SDC to create food grade container lids.

Automated Bolt-Washer & Palletizing Machine

This automated bolt-washer assembly and palletizing machine was custom designed and built by SDC and features our proprietary SDChassis, a conveyor, and SCARA robot.

SDC Two-sided semi-automated small part assembly machine

Semi-Automated Automotive Crimping Machine

SDC put their years of experience to good use when designing and building a semi-automated assembly machine to crimp automotive body clips to side...

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