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In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers will always expect the best products. As a manufacturer, your company’s reputation and future success depend on consistent quality control. With SDC’s years of experience in product inspection and testing, our strengths in machine vision, control systems, and robotics enable us to deliver custom equipment designed to meet your high quality standards.

Whether you need to incrementally track progress on an assembly machine or you require an entire system dedicated to one specific critical test, we can design and build custom, automated testing and inspection machines and systems to ensure your product passes the test before it ships.


Characterization Systems

Sort products and assemblies by physical characteristics, such as grading material, color, size, and more.

Vision Inspection Systems

With machine vision, cameras can be programmed to automatically verify many different features on your products and assemblies.

Presence/Absence Monitoring

Determine if a feature or part is present, or in the correct position, in the operation before moving on to the next process.

Laser Cutting

Laser & Sensor Measurement Systems

Precision laser sensors can provide micron-level measurement accuracy.

Leak & Pressures Testing Systems

Leak & Pressures Testing Systems

Detect leaks and ensure correct pressure and flow for products that are welded or assembled with seals.


Torque & Force

Monitoring torque while driving a bolt, or force while pressing components, verifies that the assembly was completed correctly.

Temperature Sensing & Control Systems

Temperature Sensing & Control Systems

Monitor temperature to ensure product quality and the efficient and safe operation of a process or system.

Electrical Voltage & Current Testing

Electrical Voltage & Current Testing

Test different wires to measure voltage, current, and power.


Vibration Sensing & Monitoring

Analyze the vibration of a system to detect anomalies and changes in amplitude, intensity, and frequency.

Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers

Monitor temperature humidity, and other environmental conditions in a climatic chamber.

Probing & Gauging Systems

Dimensional precision measurement and positioning.

Photometric Measurement Systems

Photometric Measurement Systems

Measure the concentration of compounds by determining the absorbance of specific wavelengths of light.

Testing the limits of design recent projects & case studies

Pneumatic pick-and-place with custom grippers moves bottles from a box and into individual fixtures.

Consumer Products

Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost-effective, high-speed material handling system for glass bottles. The SDC system needed to automatically...

SDC Glass Panel Testing Machine

Alternative Energy

SDC Glass Panel Testing Machine

SDC designed and built a testing system that can hold bulk quantities of 3” x 3” glass panels and automatically process them to measure...

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