Industrial Automation

Our Capabilities

Assembly & Processing

SDC has extensive experience designing and building high-volume, high-speed automated assembly machines and processing machines.

Joining Technologies

Whether welding, riveting, pressing or screw driving, SDC offers complete solutions for joining components and parts.

Laser Cutting

Laser Applications

SDC has extensive experience in laser marking, inspection, trimming, ablation, cutting, and welding.

Robotic Integration

Our controls engineering team have the experience and training to successfully recommend, implement and program the optimal robotic package, regardless of supplier and brand.

Material Handling

We design and build fully automated, custom packing and material handling machines that meet and exceed safety regulations and production requirements.

Dispensing Systems

From adhesives and grease to two-part materials, SDC has experience in dispensing, beading, spraying, and sealing a variety of materials.

Metal Processing

No matter your needs, SDC has experience with bending, forming, crimping, finishing, grinding, machining, and welding metal components.

Machine Vision

Ensure that your product is transferred, inspected, and built with precision using our machine vision technology.

Micro Precision Applications

For assembling and inspecting components at micron-level precision, SDC’s vision, assembly, and inspection solutions can meet the needs of your specific application.

Welding Applications

With a wide variety of welding applications, including MIG, TIG, laser, heat, friction, hot plate, ultrasonic, resistance, and more, SDC can build the ideal welding solution for your application.

Inspection & Testing

We can design and build custom testing and inspection stations and automated systems to help ensure your product passes the test before it ships.

Plastics Processing

From punching and inserting to pressing and trimming, SDC can engineer the right solution for your plastic material and product.

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