The SDC Difference Recent Projects & Case Studies

At Steven Douglas Corp. we employ engineering experts who believe that the only way to succeed is to push the envelope of innovation and design.  We listen.  We strategize. Together with our clients, we find new and exciting ways to maximize your efficiency and optimize your manufacturing process.  From the first assessment of your needs through the installation and maintenance of your machine, The Steven Douglas Corp. difference will remain our commitment to finding a better way to improve your business.

Pneumatic pick-and-place with custom grippers moves bottles from a box and into individual fixtures.

Consumer Products

Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost-effective, high-speed material handling system for glass bottles. The SDC system needed to automatically...

Fin Former Machine

Clean Air

Fin Former Machine

The customer turned to the experts at Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) to design and build an automatic resin distributing and stacking cell for large...

High-Speed, 3-Part Home Fragrance Assembly Cell
SDC Glass Panel Testing Machine

Alternative Energy

SDC Glass Panel Testing Machine

SDC designed and built a testing system that can hold bulk quantities of 3” x 3” glass panels and automatically process them to measure...

Consumer Products / Pharmaceutical & Medical

Medical Port Device Assembly Machine

The customer requested a method to manufacture CPAP assemblies at a rate that met the demand, maintained the pace of the connected mold, and...

Fanuc robot assembly

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Automated Medical Device Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built an automated robotic machine that produces assemblies containing extruded medical tubing. Key components of the assembly machine include tube feeding...

Custom pneumatic-driven press

Component Manufacturing / Electrical

Automatic Safety Module Assembly and Testing Cell

The customer requested a fully automated system to replace a labor intensive process. SDC designed and developed this custom system to automatically assemble and...

Medical Device Assembly

Medical Port Device Assembly Machine

SDC proposed this system as a method to produce, inspect, and package a medical device that was new to the market. Our customer wanted...

PNG. image of SDC machine

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Automatic Medical Device Assembly Machine

SDC used collaborative robotic technology to measure and cut flexible tubing, feed and pick end adapters, and use quick-drying glue to precisely connect the...


Automotive Dash Panel Production Equipment

The customer needed equipment for the cooling, routing and inspection of automotive dash panels. The SDC proposed system included several manually loaded and unloaded...


Automated Bolt-Washer & Palletizing Machine

This automated bolt-washer assembly and palletizing machine was custom designed and built by SDC and features our proprietary SDChassis, a conveyor, and SCARA robot.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

7-Part Automated Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built a custom assembly machine for surgical sterilization capsules with material handling capabilities and product labeling.


Automatic Laser Marking Cell

SDC designed, programmed and built a robotic work-cell to pick a friction disk from an incoming cart and present the disk for vision inspection,...

Consumer Products

Fully-Automated Paper Box Assembly Machine

The objective of this machine was to upgrade existing machinery with state-of-the-art controls and mechanical hardware to increase reliability, repeatability, adjustability and serviceability. 


Resin Distribution System with Multi-Layer Stacking

SDC's new machine successfully reduced the operator involvement in the manufacturing process, improved quality, reduced waste, increased production capacity and improved the overall machine...

Consumer Products

Automated Bottle Loading System

SDC produced a cost effective, high speed bottle loading system which unloaded bottles from cardboard boxes and placed them into pucks which supplied a...

Consumer Products

Lighting Capsule Automatic Sorting Machine

This project was presented to SDC in search of a high speed/high quantity miniature light bulb (capsule) inspection machine.  The capsule being inspected had...

Consumer Products

Shoe Insole Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built an automated custom machine to manufacture orthopedic shoe insoles in high volumes.

Consumer Products

Automated Bottle Loading & Packaging Machine

SDC provided a cost effective, fully-automated, and configurable pressware packaging system. The pressware was packaged into trays and the trays were stacked to build...

Png. image of machine handling unit


Fully-Automated Cutting Tool Packaging Machine

SDC designed a build a cutting tool packaging machine consisting of ultrasonic cleaning, laser engraving, rust prevention application, packaging tube assembly, labeling, and, shrink...

SDChassis Product Assembly Machine
SDC Two-sided semi-automated small part assembly machine
Drain Hose Assembly & Processing

Consumer Products

Drain Hose Assembly & Test Machine

SDC designed and built a fully automated high-speed machine that assembles dishwasher drain hoses and performs leak tests.

3Part Automated Assembly Machine


3-Part Automated Assembly Machine

SDC developed a custom, fully automated high-speed system to produce automotive electrical connectors for a global supplier.


Appliance Hose Assembly & Test Machine

SDC seamlessly integrated assembly and testing operations into one automated work cell that assembles corrugated appliance hose parts and tests them for leaks.

Automated Polishing & Grinding Machine

Consumer Products

Polishing & Grinding Machine

SDC’s expert design and engineering team built a fully automated, high-speed processing machine to polish and grind ceramic parts used in lighting products.