SDC's Response to COVID-19

Beginning May 4, 2020 all SDC employees and visitors will be required to wear a face covering while on-site at SDC.


In response to the critical need to supply our medical professionals, and all essential industries, with the equipment and tools needed in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic, SDC has dedicated project teams to support our essential client base who are rapidly producing necessary products and equipment.

SDC has expertise designing and building complex automation equipment for manufacturing across all industries, including Medical and Pharmaceutical, Alternative Energy, Construction and Automotive & Trucking, all essential to keep our hospitals fully supplied and keep our economy moving forward.



Our Essential Business expertise includes:


In our facility we have implemented many new protocols and restrictions including:

      • Allowing employees to work from home, whenever it is possible and productive
      • Closely monitoring the health of all employees with a strict healthy and non-symptomatic allowance in our facility
      • Increased awareness around personal hygiene
      • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant readily available
      • Daily sanitation of commonly used areas in the office and a full sanitation and deep clean of the office and plant a couple times per week
      • Limiting the number of employees working on the same project at the same time, and enforcing social distancing protocols
      • Limiting all employee travel
      • Limiting or eliminating visitors in our workplace
      • Utilizing web conferences, videos and online meetings as much as possible.
      • Offering online and remote support for all our machines and systems

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