SDC Flex Feeding


SDC puts a spin on typical parts feeding with our proprietary flex feeding technology. Over the years we have developed the technology and process to offer our customers maximized pick rates from parts randomly placed on a conveyor.

Our SDC Flex Feeding system takes components from bulk, emptied onto a conveyor and presents them to a vision guidance robotic pick-and-place system. Our robots are programmed to work “smart” and maximize effectiveness, any part that is not picked by the robot is recirculated and re-presented to the robots.

One of the main advantages of our SDC system is eliminating changeover time. Our Flex Feeding system is not shape specific, it uses vision guidance and sensing to distinguish and accurately pick many different part from the same conveyor. All parts are fed through a bulk container, located and placed in their appropriate positions. In addition, our Flex Feeding systems often include an accumulating buffer allowing for high-speed applications and ensuring the system is as efficient as possible.

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