Mechanical Machine Design


We are a problem-solving company. From automated assembly and processing machines, to integrated packing and material handling solutions, to custom testing and inspection stations, SDC specializes in designing and engineering custom solutions for your most complex automation needs. Our engineering team has years of extensive, hands-on experience in mechanical motion, complex and detailed automated machine design and delivering robust, creative systems.

We pair cutting-edge technology with factory-proven methods to conceptualize, design and deliver quality automated machines to our customers. Our years of experience ensure you receive a thoughtful, cost-effective approach to achieve your production and automation goals.




Opportunity Evaluation
We evaluate projects in every industry and application to determine whether we can help our client’s produce, process, test and pack their products faster, safer, more efficiently and less expensive than their current processes.

Concept & Machine Proposal
After gathering all the necessary information, our mechanical engineering team drafts a machine concept accompanied by an official project proposal, including machine pricing and delivery timeline is submitted.

Project Launch
Each project is assigned a lead engineer and a dedicated SDC team. A project kick-off meeting is held to ensure all the fine details are understood before the project moves into the design phase.

Machine Design and Production
Our custom machines are designed, detailed, built and programmed in-house. The design and time to manufacturer depends heavily on the complexity of the project, but our open communication policy means our clients are updated every step of the way.

Acceptance Testing
To ensure best performance, our machines undergo rigorous testing and analysis before they are released to production. We conduct comprehensive acceptance testing at SDC, and at our client’s facility.

check out our custom designed machines RECENT PROJECTS & CASE STUDIES

Pneumatic pick-and-place with custom grippers moves bottles from a box and into individual fixtures.

Consumer Products

Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost-effective, high-speed material handling system for glass bottles. The SDC system needed to automatically...

Fin Former Machine

Clean Air

Fin Former Machine

The customer turned to the experts at Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) to design and build an automatic resin distributing and stacking cell for large...

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