Solar Testing Equipment Verify Photovoltaic Modules

As the solar industry has grown over the years, the experts at SDC have developed many types of automated testing and processing equipment for photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers. All of our solar testing equipment can be customized to meet a customer’s testing requirements for safety, function, and performance, while maintaining compliance with UL 61730-1 and UL 61730-2 standards. Additionally, all of our systems are equipped with ergonomic and safety features to keep the operators safe when using the testing equipment.

Custom, Automated Testing Equipment

Pneumatic pick-and-place with custom grippers moves bottles from a box and into individual fixtures.

Consumer Products

Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost-effective, high-speed material handling system for glass bottles. The SDC system needed to automatically...

Fin Former Machine

Clean Air

Fin Former Machine

The customer turned to the experts at Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) to design and build an automatic resin distributing and stacking cell for large...

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